It is time for change! A round table government to unite Canadians.

It is time for change! A round table government to unite Canadians.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Cheryl Gordon

As the current breakdown in our governing system looms we beseech the Governor General and her Majesty the Queen for change in our current political systems. These systems no longer equally represent the people of Canada.

We humbly put forth a system of unity and equalization. 

Round Table Government 

We request the dissolution of provincial/federal government and political parties.

We request instead of a single Prime Minister that we move forward with a table of individually elected representatives from each province who as a team of the round table, must work towards the good of Canada as a whole. Policies  would be put in place by the collective team of fully represented provinces. 

Health ministers, educational ministers and other governing bodies will also have an equal provincially represented round table system. They would work together to put in place standard Canadian healthcare and Canadian Educational programs from their collective of past provincial experiences, building a better system as whole.
The divide between Canadian provinces has grown immensely over the past few years and the fact that a citizen has to buy medical insurance to visit family in another province or have their child held back in school because their school’s curriculum differs from the other province. The fact that for a craft brewer it is easier to export their products out of the country than sell it to their neighboring province. The fact that it is a struggle for many professions to work inter-provincially as different licenses are required from province to province making it hard for professionals to move within their own country. We need to unify our Provinces for a stronger Canada.
Each province would also have a round table of 12-14 non-party elected representatives with equal say in the decision making of their province.
A round table government of provinces would bring us into a future of provinces working together for a strong Nation of Proud Canadians 

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!