Over Half a Century... Still No Prosecution and/or Justice for the Deaths of 4 Children

Over Half a Century... Still No Prosecution and/or Justice for the Deaths of 4 Children

February 3, 2014
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District Attorney of Philadelphia Lawrence S. Krasner and 7 others
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Why this petition matters

Before you begin reviewing this petition, I respectfully request that you take a few minutes to watch this video. Be certain to watch the 2 video's I've linked below this video as well. Thank You. Click on this link:  "My Brother"

Thank You for doing that... Next, I'd appreciate you watching the videos I'm providing below this sentence. The 1st is 22 minutes 14 seconds long and the 2nd is 17 minutes 25 seconds long. If the 2 videos don't compel you to sign and share this petition then I kindly ask you to read the remainder of this petition.

1: https://fb.watch/3z52Zzdc1M/

2: https://fb.watch/3z5cJpyCec/

My name is Edward John Stecker. I was born on April 11, 1964, at 3:03 pm. I came into the world weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and I was 20 inches long. I have brown hair and eyes. I was born at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

At the time of my birth, my Mommie (she likes it spelled that way) was a stay-at-home Mommie and my Daddy was serving our country in the United States Coast Guard.

I also have an older brother named Charlie.

According to my baby book, my Daddy really liked the name Edward and my Mommie liked John (after my Grandpop Stecker). So I was named Edward John Stecker. In my baby book, it says I look like my Daddy, except for my nose.

A whole bunch of people came to visit me when I first arrived home and I received all kinds of gifts: toys (my favorite), clothes, bottles, and furniture.

Of course, Mommie and Daddy were there along with my big brother, Charlie. My Grandmom and Grandpop Force were there, too. My Grandpop Stecker was there as well. My Aunt Pat and Uncle Ralph Field, and my Aunt Mary were all there, along with 4 more friends of my family.

When I was 2 and a 1/2 months old, while I was sleeping, my Mommie took my footprints. They look so cute.

My first smile was when I was just 5 days old, and my first real laugh was when I was 4 months old.

I sat up on my own at 10 months and took my first steps just 2 weeks after my second birthday.

My first tooth came in about 3 weeks after my big brother's birthday when I was almost 8 months old. Oh, his birthday is November 8, 1962.

I began eating solid food 2 weeks after my first birthday. My favorite was mashed potatoes and I also enjoyed chewing on a sirloin steak.

I was 9 months old when I said my first words; they were Da-Da and Ma-Ma. At 10 months I began to talk more clearly.

My Mommie used to cut my hair herself and she put 3 locks of it in my baby book too. My hair was light brown.

I went for my first ride in a car when I was just 5 days old. For some reason, later that day, I had to go back to the hospital, so I got my first bus and subway ride on the same day. I’m not sure why though. Mommie didn't write anything about that in my baby book.

I was 2 weeks old when I rode in my first coach and at 13 months, I got my first ride on a Merry Go Round. 

For my first Christmas, I got lots and lots of toys and some clothes too. I also liked to play with the Christmas tree lights and decorations.

On my first birthday, I received mostly clothes and a toy or two. On my second birthday, I again received more clothes and a few more toys.

When I was 17 months old, I and my big brother got a baby sister. Her name is Donna.

At 1 year and 10 months old I weighed almost 24 pounds.

Right around my second birthday, I got measles.

Hmmm…? Then something strange happened. My brother Charlie had to go to the hospital for an emergency. He hurt his head somehow, but he never came back home, which made me sad. That’s also where everything in my baby book stops.

While I and my sister were waiting for our brother to come back home, some people came to see Mommie. These people then took me and my sister for a car ride without our Mommie or Daddy.

I was a little scared at first but when we arrived at a house and went inside, there was my big brother that made me happy again. He came over and gave me and my sister a big hug, and then he handed me his Teddy Bear.

I found out that we were going to have a new Mommy and Daddy and a whole bunch of new brothers and sisters. We were there for a year and I was having a lot of fun — a lot more fun than at my original Mommie and Daddy’s house.

Then one day some people came and took me and my brother for a car ride. I remember the date was February 15, 1967. It was the last day I would ever see my little sister, and that made me sad.

My big brother and I were taken to a home where we were introduced to another new Mommy and Daddy. This is all so confusing to me, and this new house is very scary. The new Mommy is very mean when the new Daddy isn't around, too.

She does all kinds of mean stuff to me and my brother. She even told us about the Boogie Man, which scared me and my brother to death.

Speaking of death, I may as well tell you this now. On February 28, 1967, only one day before me and my brother would have been with our new Mommy and Daddy for 2 weeks, I learned what death really meant.

You see, on that day I met Mr. Death, Face to Face. My new Mommy made sure I met Mr. Death because she Murdered Me. I was only 2 years old.

I want to tell you this before I have to go. My Big Brother tried so hard to save me, and as I lay there dying on the floor, I could hear him screaming so loud. I knew he was getting beat really bad.

Well, it’s getting dark now and it feels like I’m floating away to somewhere, so I’m going to have to get going. I am now my Big Brother's Angel, and he calls me "Li’l Eddie" or "Chahlie’s Angel". I like them both.

I carry my favorite toy around with me up here in Heaven. It’s my big brother's Teddy Bear that was his favorite, but he gave it to our original Daddy to put with me when they buried me.

My Big Brother will have to take over from here…

Hello. I am Charles J Stecker Jr., also known as “Chahlie” and, yes, I wrote all of the above as if I was my brother. There wasn't a lot written in Eddie's baby book but I wanted to share with you what was there so you'd know a little about my brother.

As you now know, the reason I had to write on his behalf is that Eddie is no longer here with us.

I Plead with you to consider Signing the Petition and Sharing it with everyone you know. Encourage them to Read, Sign and Share it as well.

You will better understand the importance of my Plea after you read through this.

On February 28, 1967, at the tender age of 2 years old my younger brother was murdered by the hands of a foster mother, (Lillian Bedford) we had been assigned to her home by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services contract agency, the Philadelphia Society to Protect Children, now known as Turning Points for Children. A foster mother who just 10 months prior to our arrival had another 2-year-old boy die in her care, his name is Brent Garcia, he died in April of 1966. He lasted 4 months with her, my brother only made it 13 Days. I was with my brother and witnessed his murder. I suffered a severely shattered left elbow causing my limited use of my arm to this very day.

 In 1981 not too long before my 19th birthday, I sought to obtain the records in reference to my brothers' murder. Little did I know then that it would take me through an arduous process and a 30+ year journey that I am still on. Over that 30+ year period, I have on numerous occasions sought to obtain anything in reference to my brothers' murder.

 As a young man, I was at the Free Library of Philadelphia's Main Branch day after day looking through old newspapers (via Microfiche) dating from April 1966 up to December 1967. I found every clipping I could possibly find in reference to my brothers' murder, and there were many. I researched at Temple University in their Library of Archival Records, the University of Pennsylvania's Archival Records, and anywhere else that I thought I could get more information. I was able to obtain a certified copy of the Medical Examiner's Certificate of Death for my brother, through our birth father. Besides all of the other information on it, there are two very significant words clearly typed and in Capital Letters. In Section 21.a. titled "Circumstances of Significant Injury," you will find the word, "BEATEN". In Section 23 titled "Manner Of Death," you will find the word, "HOMICIDE".

 Over the next 30 years equipped with this information I reached out to the point of exhaustion to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, the Philadelphia Mayor's Office, the Philadelphia DHS Commissioner's Office, the Philadelphia Family Court, the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office, the Philadelphia Police, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Turning Points for Children, and the Vidocq Society for assistance. I contacted an attorney after an attorney seeking legal help with this mission only to be turned away. I even reached out to my foster mothers' defense attorney, the now late A. Charles Peruto Sr. Esq to no avail. FYI, I harbor no malice towards Mr. Peruto, he did what he was hired to do, he kept his client out of jail.  I was told over and over again throughout those 30 years that No Records existed. My information and its validity were questioned. At times even my own sanity and memory were put to the test. That is until 2011.

 In 2011 after what I believe to have been divine intervention, arrest and investigation records were finally located by the District Attorney of Philadelphia's Office. I was elated. It just so happens that I was also in the midst of having the story become the front cover news story in the Philadelphia Weekly newspaper. I thought I had finally reached the portion of this journey's end. I won't go into details here. Instead, I will put a link to the story so that you may read it for yourself. The entire article should captivate you from the First Word to the Last.  

That's my Brother on the Front Cover along with his Death Certificate superimposed over him.

The article starts on page 12 and goes to page 16.

You'll probably have to make it full screen in order to see the writing better.


 I want to bring one statement from the article to your attention. It reads as follows and I quote,

 "Charles can't obtain the records," says D.A. spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson. "I know Detective Byrne read him information over the phone but as for physically obtaining the records, that's not something anybody can do."

 Imagine if you can the impact those words had on me. 44 years prior I witness my brother's murder. 30 years of my adult life spent in search of those records. Day's prior I'm looking at the beginning of the end of this portion of my childhood story. I meet personally with the detective who found the records and between what he told me and the 34 Words you just read from the article, all of the hard work and effort I had put in came crashing down upon me. Standing there at Justice's door I knocked, and it was answered by INJUSTICE.

 Over the past 11 years since the records were located, I've reached out attempting to utilize the Freedom of Information Act on all levels to obtain my records, the results so far have produced nothing.

 I've talked to countless attorneys, met personally with then-Mayor Michael A. Nutter, disgraced past District Attorney R. Seth Williams who happens to be a former foster child, DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose, State Attorney General Kathleen Kane, former District Attorney, Mayor and Governor Edward G. Rendell, in 2011, I even reached out to the now late Senator Arlen Specter (He passed away in 2012) who in 1967 at the time of my brothers' murder was the District Attorney of Philadelphia. Some of these people have said that they would see what they could do to assist me. So far, I have heard __________. Did you hear what I heard? It's called Silence.

 These are the facts of the case to date. My brother was murdered. Ten months before his murder another child died in this woman's care. In 1949 this same woman had her then 4-year-old daughter die of the same injuries my brother and Brent Garcia died of while in her care. Her now-deceased daughter has a twin brother whom I recently located. I hope to meet him someday. No one ever stood before a Judge or any penal system for these preventable and senseless deaths. February 28, 2022, marked the 55th Angelversary of my brother having his Angel Wings thrust upon him. For over 30 years records that existed were said to be nonexistent. For 11 years since those nonexistent records turned out to exist there has been a consistent effort to keep them locked away.

This past April 11th, 2022, was the 58th Anniversary of my brother's Birthday. he only lived long enough to be here or two of those anniversaries. I'm petitioning you to Honor the Memory of my brother's birth, life, and death by releasing the records so that his story may be told. I want All records, the ones that I am aware of, along with those I have yet to know to exist. I respectfully demand those records be exhaustively searched for and when located released immediately from each and every one of you and your different offices, government agencies, private agencies, departments, business offices, representatives, and various other entities that are named and/or represented as a recipient of this petition.

Let 2022 be the year that Edward John Stecker will speak from beyond the grave. His Voice will save Countless Numbers of Children's Lives.

Thank You,

Charles J. Stecker Jr.

Founder and Empowering Speaker with Chahlie's Angels Programs of Empowerment Llc. https://youtu.be/YonS831WmZE

Founder of the temporarily defunct International Child Abuse Prevention Task Force Inc.

Governing Board President, Executive Director & HUD Certified Counselor with Envision Housing Inc.

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  • Lawrence S. KrasnerDistrict Attorney of Philadelphia
  • Commissioner Kimberly AliPhiladelphia Department of Human Services Commissioner
  • Sam P. Gulino MDPhiladelphia Chief Medical Examiner
  • Mayor James KenneyMayor of Philadelphia
  • Tumar AlexanderPhiladelphia Managing Director