Charge hooligans who attacked NRS doctors with National Security Act

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Recently a ghastly attack on doctors has taken place by some 150-200 mobs in NRS medical college in Kolkata which has threatened lives of two intern. One of them, Dr Paribaha Mukherjee is facing a fist war between life and death. He had a compound skull fracture. Even he makes it out alive he may become crippled for rest of his life. 

Mobocracy has become a culture across the nation. Sometimes police, sometimes doctors are its victim. Doctors are not magician. In govt hospitals across the country they carry out inhuman workload in daily basis. Paribaha Mukherjee, 24 is struggling for his life because he couldn't save a 85 years old man who would die soon anyway. A strong executive action may put an end in this obnoxious practice of beating doctor. So placing national security act is very necessary to make culprits suffer as much as they deserve.  And it should be set as an example for others who even think of doing such unlawful activity. Let's not forget doctors are national resource.