We want anime in india

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 In the past Anime was not popular in India but now it  became popular in India .until the day now it's become one of the way from which adults and teenagers can enjoy animated shows. "we want any way back in India" this line is on every tongue of an Indian otaku. Or an indian anime fan because now they have realised the days on which anime telecasts on television we don't have to watch it  on mobiles and laptops. I want your support ,your support to change the country to bring anime back in India. We as we all know there is a channel call the animax which was shut down due to some reasons like TRP or whatever it is at that time no one cares about animax but when it shut it down everyone seems like what the f*** how where I will watch anime and now everyone is wanting to bring animax back but it said by animax that it will never be back in India so the only way we can watch anime is to bring anime back in India on some other channel like marvel HQ so please please find this petition and spread across the world so everyone knows that India wants anime and the anime industries get their eyes on India and anime again start in India and we all Indian otaku je anime fans will watch anime can sit with eachother can talk to each other because the if anyone group popular on television it so that its movies will also be telecasted theatres and at that we can sit with eachother talk to each other and this will help us so please find this petition and I need your help anime to bring anime back in india so we can watch it on television.