End the confinement and slaughter of carriage horses on the Prince Islands, Turkey

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melda keskin
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Right now, on the Prince Islands, Turkey, more than 1700 horses face starvation, disease, confinement to inadequate stables and myriad other conditions that are inhumane in every sense of the word.  Already, in December of 2019, approximately 120 of these magnificent animals were unlawfully taken from their owners in the dark of night and were put to death.  These are just the executions we know of.

For years, on the Prince Islands, a thriving carriage horse industry moved tourists, goods and everyday people throughout the islands’ protected areas where horse and carriage were the only legal means of transport.  Recently, caving into pressure from land developers and manufacturing industry, under the guise of saving the horses from a life of labor and burden, the government of Turkey banned the use of horses on the Prince Islands.  This has left families with no way to feed themselves, or the horses they rely upon for their livelihood. It is a land and power grab, pure and simple.  These are working animals; and if they do not work, they are not fed or cared for.

Many of the horses that once were the center of the carriage businesses have been reduced to life as serum producing livestock; routinely injected with microbes and toxins in order to be regularly bled for the medical industry.

We need your voice, your help, to send clear message to the Politicians of Turkey that these animals need to return to the way of life they, and their owners have lived for generations.