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Issue pornography as a public health crisis in Canada

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Pornography use in Canada has exploded. The content that is being consumed is more graphic, violent and hardcore than ever before. This issue isn't going away, in fact it's growing at an alarming rate. Families are being affected and destroyed by this. Children as young as 8 yrs old are consuming this and it's changing their brains and the way they view sex. People are being exploited, abused, raped, trafficked, and infected with STDI's and STD's. People are suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, shame, and humiliation. All so people can consume and use it for self gratification. Many people are afraid to speak up and talk about the effects porn is having in their lives. Many are seeking help in counselling or through anti-depressants just to cope because, society's message is porn is the norm. How is that healthy??  It's also contributing massively to the interest, consumption and production of child pornography. This is a major health issue to all and it needs to be addressed. It is changing the brains of the consumers and distorting their views of sex in unhealthy ways. As Canadians who pride themselves on freedom, this goes directly against our freedom views, values and morals. To allow content to be loaded up on the internet filled with exploitation and abuse is absolutely absurd, immoral, and extremely unhealthy in devastating ways. It really is an embarrassment to humankind. We are all suffering with this sexual sickness living in our homes, our minds our society. This is an invisible war that needs to be brought into the light. The harms of Pornography needs to be talked about. We need leaders who have a backbone and morals to say this isn't healthy, and in no way is this kind of content safe to consume, or make. Laws should be put into place as to what can and cannot be loaded onto our internet. Public warnings should be in effect to protect people. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Parents can't keep up with this, families are challenged to be healthy, and those behind the scenes, can't keep up with the consumption. Everyone's health is at risk and it's a high risk! It's absolutely appalling to me that this is allowed. The facts are out there, there are organizations and people that are working on this issue but, I've heard nothing from our politicians and government. Issuing pornography as a public health crisis tells people that things are changing and that our leaders care about now, and the future of our sexual health. 

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