It's time for Israel to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide

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This year marks the 103rd anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide,  in which the Ottoman Turk Empire systematically murdered 1.5 million Armenians, as well as hundreds of thousands of Assyrians and Greeks. The genocide also included slave-labor camps, death marches through the Syrian Desert, sexual violence and enslavement of Armenian women. While the reality of this historic tragedy is undisputed by the Jewish people both in Israel and the diaspora, more than a century later the Israeli government and the international community at large have failed to formally recognize it. Today, we ask the Israeli Knesset to rise to the occasion and lead the way in helping the Armenian People finally achieve the justice they deserve.

It's no secret that the true reason the genocide remains unacknowledged today is fear of conflict with Turkey. While we acknowledge the genuine security risks at stake, we ask you to reflect on the greater long-term dangers of appeasing the Turkish government and its historic revisionism. This danger is all too relevant to the Jewish People, as we still see the reality of the Holocaust challenged and denied by many in the world today. We must also take into consideration that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a leader on the verge of becoming a modern dictator, posing a threat to both his own country and various indigenous minorities in the region. Remaining complacent in the Turkish government's denial of its past atrocities only emboldens Erdogan's tyrannical aspirations. We cannot afford such complacency; we must always speak the truth - no matter how dangerous it may be. 

Jews For Indigenous Solidarity believes our liberated ancestral homeland of Israel has a unique role to play in helping other indigenous peoples achieve justice, both in the Middle East region and beyond. If Israel leads the way in recognizing the 1915 Genocide, we are confident the rest of the world will follow in its footsteps. Let us send a message to the world that Israel stands for what's right; let us help the Armenian people attain the justice they have so long been deprived. We implore you to rise to the occasion and officially recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Shalom V'Kavod
Jews For Indigenous Solidarity

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