Justice for Iyad Al-Halak

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Iyad Halak, a 32-year-old autistic Palestinian man, was shot dead whilst on his way to his special needs school. The police officers having committed the murder, justify his killing by claiming to have seen an object resembling a pistol in his possession. In reality, Iyad was unarmed. To make matters worse, the young Palestinian could not defend himself as a result of his neurological condition. Consequently, the officers opened fire, and Iyad died.

This man is one of many Palestinians to be unjustly murdered. He is not the first, and if we do not demand reform and change, he will not be the last. The police officers that killed him are still roaming free. Regardless of where you fall vis-à-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, murder is unacceptable, and we cannot stand for it, be it a dead Palestinian or a dead Israeli. The men that killed Iyad, are murderers, and deserve just as much as anyone else, to be imprisoned. Their rank should not protect them.

Although many of us do not personally experience injustices such as these often, it is our responsibility to use our privilege to be the voice of those lacking one. How many more have to die before we demand change? How many more mothers have to get home after a long day of work only to be informed that their son is dead as a result of an abuse of power? How many more have to die until it is enough?

All the Israeli government has had to say about this young man's tragic death was "sorry". But sorry is not enough, not this time. This petition strives to push the Israeli government to arrest the officers at fault as well as to reform their justice system. It also urges the numerous international organizations to pay more attention to the injustice occurring in many conflicted regions of the world - Palestine of course being included.

Signing this petition, only takes a minute or two and yet, could make a huge difference. Even if I am rather ambitious, I know for a fact, that people will not let a matter like this, go unnoticed. Sign this, and join me in bringing justice to Iyad.

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