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Stop Israel's illegal annexation of land in the Palestinian village of Al Walaja

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Seventy percent of the land in the Palestinian village of Al Walaja has already been taken over by Israel as part of their territorial expansion. Following the erection of the Separation Barrier and the building of the Gilo and Har Gilo settlements, Al Walaja’s residents have been cut off from vast expanses of the surrounding Cremisan valley, with its ample agricultural resources.

In their latest move, Israeli forces have notified Al Walaja’s residents of their plans to move a nearby military checkpoint closer to the village and deeper into the West Bank territories. If the planned move goes ahead, it will be devastating for the local residents, leading to the confiscation of around 296 acres of agricultural land, separating countless Palestinians from their livelihoods and making the essential Ein Haniya water spring inaccessible to them. 

The relocation of the checkpoint and the associated land confiscation is yet another example of Israel’s steady annexation of the West Bank, which is considered illegal under international law. Israel notified residents of their intention to turn the confiscated land into a national park, ironically citing the fact that it had been well-tended and carefully maintained by Al Walaga's residents as a reason. 

Residents of Al Walaja have been given until the 26 November to appeal these latest plans. The Local Council of Al Walaja is battling hard, though time is very limited. Please sign and share this petition as widely as you can, so we can present it to the Israeli Civil Administration in advance of the deadline, showing our support to the residents of Al Walaja and our objection to Israel’s continued illegal annexation of West Bank territories.

“Establishing this new fact on the ground would place all the lands located between the future and current location of the checkpoint under full Israeli control. Under international law, it is prohibited for the occupying power to assume sovereignty over occupied territory and to incorporate it into its own state” The BADIL Research Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee rights.


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