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Leticia Ross is a loving mother, a dependable friend, a devoted special-education teacher, and an abused wife. She has been victim of spousal abuse for over 24 years and has withstood the abuse for the sake of her children and her career. Now that Leticia's children are all grown up and married she has to depend on them for shelter and assistance as her husband has forcibly made her homeless, on and off, for the past 4 years. Leticia felt obligated to endure the constant abuse because Donald would threaten her with ruining her career. Mr. Ross would call Leticia's place of work when she would not comply with his demands for money that he would usually waste on drugs. Mr. Ross would also make false drug allegations against Leticia and harass her employer as well as threaten Leticia with ruining the careers of her friends with false allegations. Eventually Leticia was forced to retire due to the constant harassment that her employer had to endure throughout her employment. Sill, throughout all of this trouble - and this is only the tip of the iceberg, the little that can be expressed in a letter - Leticia continued to pay the lease for her home that Donald lived in, pay for the phone bill, the fancy cable package, internet, lot rent, Donald's car payment, the car insurance, and still managed to comply with his extortion demands for $1000 cash every month.

The property Leticia has been paying for was abandoned by Donald in May 2012 following an eviction against Donald in April 2012 for harassment and threats to residents and management at the Homestead Park in McAllen TX (Case # C-0270-12-21). Prior to the eviction, Donald would lock Leticia outside like a dog at the front door for hours on end - even throughout her Masters education which she was amazingly able to complete. One day after locking Leticia outside Donald changed the locks left her absolutely homeless. After the eviction Donald refused $3000 cash aid settlement for eviction and left the home to be possessed by the county, he did not want Leticia to get the $3000 to help her with the costs of moving my home. Also, the lawyer helping with Donald's eviction situation had to abandon the case due to his lack of cooperation and instability. Leticia's forced retirement happened at the time of Donald's eviction which gave her the financial ability to salvage her home from being possessed by the county. Shortly after moving her home to a different mobile park Donald forced Letty from her home again and also changed the locks again. Letty has been homeless since and dependent on her children for shelter and support because she is on a fixed retirement income and has no money left after paying all the utilities, rent on the lot, lease, car, insurance, food, all of Donald's bills. Moreover, after loosing her job to her husband's harassment, Leticia secured a job as a substitute teacher which was short lived due to further harassment by Donald Ross. There are multitudes of police reports against Donald Ross from various sources for harassment, assault, theft, threatening, etc.

Letty's children are all grown up now, and she is getting too old and tired to deal with the constant abused. Donald is now having an affair with a woman living in the home that Leticia pays for. Leticia says, "All I want is to be left in peace and live in the home that I have worked hard all my life to pay for. Donald and his lady have commented that they intend to marry. He calls her his soul-mate. I would be happy to grant them their wish to start their own life away from me, all I want is my home that I paid for and for me and my children to be safe and left in peace."

Now that Leticia is receiving the help she needs to be safe and away from Donald's abusive control, Donald has set his sights on his son-in-law, Andres Nava. Donald has a violent vengeance towards Andres because he supports his wife, Jennifer Ross, and helps shelter Leticia when she is homeless. Donald has made numerous death threats to both Leticia and Andres, saying that he has a gun and will "knock your F***ing head off." McAllen police stand idle and do nothing to help the situation when called upon, they won't even honor the protective order signed and sealed by the Hidalgo County 430th District Judge, Israel Ramon Jr.. Mcallen Police have been called for numerous harassment, threats, theft, assault and trespass. During each of the calls initiated by either Andres, Leticia, or Jennifer Donald is never arrested. This unprofessional behavior by McAllen PD shows Mr. Ross that he is above the law and that it is fine for him to commit acts of violence and terror against his own family and others.

We are doing all we can to ensure the safety of Leticia, Jennifer, and Andres. Mr. Ross has made repeated threats to use his hand gun and to go to jail for something well worth it. He also threatens Leticia Ross saying, "Before I die Im going to get straight with you" and also threatens his son-in-law by telling him "I'm going to ruin you like I ruined my wife."

If you are witness to any act of harassment, threat, theft, assault, trespass, extortion, libel, or any other illegal activity that is contraindicated to the health and safety of Donald's immediate family, please sign this petition and offer your testimony. We need for the courts to hear honest testimony from a collection of community peers that understand the conditions Leticia and Jennifer were subjected to as well as the threats Andres is now subject to.

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