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Petitioning Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch

ISRAEL/OPT: Hunger-striking Prisoner Needs Life Saving Treatment

Human rights are important for all.

Letter to
Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch
Dear Minister:

Samer Issawi, 34, has been on hunger strike in Israeli detention since August 2012. His life is in grave danger. Samer Issawi has been held by the Israeli authorities since 7 July 2012 who allege – without specifying how – that he broke the conditions on which he was released, as part of a prisoner exchange, in October 2011. He has been on hunger strike since 1 August 2012 in protest at an Israeli military committee’s refusal to explain to him or his lawyer the reasons for being detained.

Amnesty International is concerned that, having been in hunger strike for over six months, Samer Issawi will not receive the required urgent and specialized medical care he needs at Ramleh prison clinic, which lacks the facilities or specialist staff that are required to provide appropriate care for hunger strikers at an advanced stage. It's been reported that his organs are failing and he could be near death.

Please ensure that Samer Issawi receives appropriate medical care, and further, that his detention status and charges are clarified.

Finally, I must strongly state that Amnesty International does NOT support terrorism or the use of violence. However, Amnesty does support basic human rights for all.