Allow Dyed Hair in ISP

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This petition calls for a change in the ISP handbook to allow students to be able to dye their hair bright colors.

According to the 2018 ISP High School and Middle School Handbook, “hairstyles that are deemed distracting within the school environment will not be allowed.” The distracting factor should not be an issue, since it is highly unlikely that something as simple as hair dye causes other students to be so distracted to the point where it does not allow them to carry on with their studies and education.

Additionally, seeing as the dress code for ISP consists of a regulated uniform, the only way for students to express themselves through their appearance is through their hair styles and color.

Dyeing one’s hair is not a harmful or dangerous behavior, so there is no safety reason why it should not be allowed. 

Ultimately, dyeing one’s hair is a way in which students can display their creativity and self-identity, which is something that the school has always encouraged to display throughout the years, telling students to “be themselves.”

If you agree with this petition, please leave your signature as it is a beneficial cause for many students who want to wear their hair in creative styles but are banned from expressing themselves in school.