Damp & mould free homes for young children with life threatening,long term health conditions

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Decent homes for vulnerable children with long term ill health and disabilities.

My nephew who is 2 was born with chronic lung desease,He has complex & special needs.The property he resides in is rented by Islington council & is of very poor condition with water penetration to the floor , walls & the ceilings which have crystallized into black mould,this lets off a poisonous non visable shpur that he has been left to inhale,day &night.We are continuously throwing wet clothing, shoes,bedding and furniture away.Islington council have repaired this property on a number of occasions but only in the summer months where evidence is minamal,but the problem keeps arising in the winter months.This child is very ill, & has been blue lighted to A&E twice within the last 8 weeks with breathing difficulties.His consultants have confirmed that his ill health is exhaserbated by his poor living conditions and has supported th family by means of letters to Islington housing with no avail.we have been told by Islington council that the issues have been caused by the living conditions and lifestyle ie- putting clothes to dry on radiators,cooking without using lids on pots and leaving bathroom door open whilst showering.These are poor excuses,leaving a young child's health to detereorate.