Reinstate local County Farms (Isle of Wight)

Reinstate local County Farms (Isle of Wight)

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Alison Logan
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It has become very clear during the outbreak of the present Covid 19 pandemic, just how fragile our food systems are, with people now more aware of food supply chains and production lines, especially as different sections are affected by staff shortages due to self isolation or illness and also travel restrictions. As an island we are very vulnerable to this situation. 

What we are suggesting is that our local Isle of Wight County Council invest money in local county farms (run under strict Regenerative Agriculture methods) Presently they have invested in warehouses in other areas of the country, in order to try to make a profit. Assets which could easily become a liability. 

It makes sense to invest locally especially in these uncertain times, they retain land assets, boost local employment, damaged land repaired using Regenerative Agriculture methods, diverse local food produced all year round, leading to many external job opportunities. Help bring back a real sense of community where people can be involved at all levels in creative local projects. 

This model was used here previously before most assets were unfortunately sold off to fill budget black holes.

Other Local Authorities in England are very proud of their county farms, which are making profits.... Why not here? 

Surely this is the way forward? Please help us to show our local council there is a better way of investing money which will directly improve and support local residents lives and give everyone food security. 

Please sign and share. Thank you.