Say NO to 5G Technology on The Isle of Wight

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For the attention of The Isle of Wight Council

We would like to bring to your attention the fact that a significant proportion of the community feel very strongly about the proposed introduction, installation and operation of 5G Technology on The Isle of Wight.

Their primary concern is that this new and unprecedented 5G technology is being rolled out without independent, strategic broad spectrum health or environmental risk assessments, required by Law, before the nation and island are to be exposed to it. Peer-reviewed research already shows that pulsed millimeter wave radiation is likely to cause significant health issues for the people who have exposure to it, with unknown long term health effects, especially for pregnant mothers, the unborn, the young and the elderly.

Our UK Government is the financial driving force behind 5G but neither they nor the industry have been able to categorically state that it is a safe, time proven technology without health or environmental risks. According to the European Commission the Precautionary Principle must be invoked when a phenomenon, product or process may have a dangerous effect, identified by a scientific and objective evaluation. Nor have there been any Public Consultations to ensure Public Consent. The idea of informed consent has been universally accepted and now constitutes Article 7 of the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This article explicitly includes a prohibition on medical and scientific experimentation without consent.

There is a myriad of eminent scientists and health officials even within the World Health Organisation who have expressed their most serious concerns about exposure to 5G frequencies, and various countries, towns, cities and American states have taken a good look at the facts as well as potential health and environmental risks and have decided to say no to 5G until at least there are meaningful health and environmental assurances.

The Isle of Wight Constitution states that the Council is answerable to the Human Rights Act. Under the the HSAW Act 1974, the Isle of Wight Council have to carry out risk assessments before any exposure of its residents to a technology with unknown health consequences.

NB: There is a separate document with link to research on the issue.

5G Evidence Document


To demonstrate that there are real and genuine health and environmental concerns in the Isle of Wight community about the onset and roll out of 5G, the undersigned people - whom you serve and are answerable to - are asking to have their collective views and Human Rights respected, represented and acknowledged within this petition.

The following individuals endorse this petition and request that The Isle of Wight Council respond to the community with a favourable stance and policy to say no to 5G on The Isle of Wight.