Say "NO" to extraction of fossil fuels from Manx waters

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Here's some more background courtesy of FOE Media Officer Falk Horning

Some parts of the Isle of Man government are planning to permit the extraction of gas. A few miles off Maughold, one of the projects could use fracking techniques. We do not want fossil fuel extraction, of ANY kind, in our territorial waters on the basis that 1) we do not want to endanger the precious marine environment of the Isle of Man. Seismic studies, drilling and extraction could create noise, pollute water and air. Marine mammals, fish, birds and underwater plants could be disturbed. 2) the island has recently been awarded UNESCO world biosphere region status. Fossil fuel extraction is contradictory to it. The effects of this industry's work on tourism should be considered. 3)it is well established that to keep global temperature rise anywhere within manageable limits, over half of existing established fossil fuel deposits must be left in the ground. As a responsible international jurisdiction, the IOM Gov’t must play its part in pursuing the aims of the Paris Climate Change agreement, which clearly requires us to not seek to exploit new fossil fuel deposits. 4) the government should not waste resources and valuable time chasing this endeavour, which is highly controversial. The focus should be on creating an attractive and sustainable environment for all.

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth
5 years ago