Reconsider the current proposals in order to preserve the Manx Grand Prix

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MGP petition due to close on August 3rd 2012, thank you for your support.

Overall we are very close to 10,000 signatures including the paper version which has been circulated. Please make sure that anyone you know who supports the MGP and hasn't signed does so in the next couple of days. The Island's Department of Economic Development are now speaking to the Manx Motorcycle Club with a view to resolving their differences. This is due in no small part to you and everyone who has signed this petition. It has shown that the great groundswell of opinion is in support of the races continuing as the Manx Grand Prix and retaining a strong programme of events for the elite clubman motorcycle racer. We will be closely monitoring progress between the two parties, join the Manx Grand Prix Facebook Group to keep up to date with things. I am sure that with the support which we have shown that we will achieve a favourable outcome. John McBride Chairman Manx Grand Prix Riders Association

John McBride
9 years ago