Protect the IOM's high scenic value, UNESCO core and care zones from developments.

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Please sign the petition if you think it is important for the government to protect the island's beauty spots.  We are so lucky to either live on or visit such a beautiful place. (The island's planning system is being reviewed) Planning laws should be in place to protect the areas of high scenic value, the beautiful coast lines and the *UNESCO biosphere care and core zones from development.  Tourism is very important and the natural beauty of the island is one of its main attractions.  Once developed these areas are lost forever and once developments are allowed in these areas a precedence will/could be set. 


*For the purposes of Biosphere Isle of Man, there are three zones. 

Core Zone
Core Zones are extra-special sites for the conservation of nature or culture. These encompass protected areas that are already in place – for example, Areas of Special Scientific Interest such as the Ballaugh Curragh and the Ayres
Care Zone
These zones link to other zones and are managed in a way that’s compatible with conservation. Other world biosphere regions call them Buffer Zones, but we prefer Care Zone as this describes more clearly what it’s about – ie, taking good care of these areas.