Keep TT Scoreboards Traditional! Don’t go modern!

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As a youth member of scouting and a huge fan of the races I really would NOT like to see the scoreboards become electronic. I get so excited leading up to the races every year at the fact I amongst my scouting friends will have the honours of running the scoreboards. The jobs we do are so fun and unique and to have people who’ve never experienced the excitement saying it should go is just not fair. I am 16 years old and I have been on the scoreboards without fail every year since I was 10 whether it be for TT or MGP perhaps even both I’ve always been. And there is a large group of regular scouts who do go. As well as the leaders too who are brilliant. We have a strong and sturdy system and we like it the old way. We don’t want electrical computers yes we may be in the generation of technology but I feel as though the island should keep its heritage not just in transport but in scoreboards too! The fun us scouters have on them is like no other it’s an experience that I wish upon the world. If you take away the scoreboards you take away the fun � please keep them as they are but just restore them to safety. Please don’t go modern and fancy. Traditional is best � ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️❤️����