A lift on the ban on paragliding in the Isle of Man due to Covid-19

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Paragliding has been banned in the Isle of Man due to Covid-19 on the following grounds:

“The other important principle around sport and recreation is not to burden our emergency services. Please don’t do anything that could take up valuable time or bed space in our hospital. We need to trust you to make the right choices.”

In that respect I’m afraid our advice on paragliding remains unchanged, sorry I’m sure this isn’t the response you were hoping for."

Cycling, horseriding and fishing are not banned.

I'm a keen mountain biker and paraglider.

I personally am much more likely to come into contact with someone, and also have an accident requiring a hospital visit, whilst out riding on my mountain bike than I am paragliding. And this ban is causing me to do significantly more mountain biking than flying.

Paragliding is mainly a solitary activity.

Paragliders don't get close to each other or third parties whilst setting up to launch, flying or on landing and by default use large open areas in the countryside. Also drowning/rescue due to fishing is more likely as are broken bones by horseriding/mountain biking/cycling, than events due to paragliding - ie., when was the last time anyone went to A&E as a result of paragliding - my last visit was due to mountain biking which I'm doing more regularly now I'm not flying.

Also - there are probably not more that 20 active pilots in the Isle of Man so the risk is very low.

PLEASE LIFT THE BAN ON PARAGLIDING before someone has a serious accident whilst out mountain biking :)

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