KEEP THE GATES OPEN!! its everyones land to enjoy.

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We need to let Island Timberlands and the Provincial Government know that people have the right to access the lakes,rivers,hunting and camping areas surrounding the Alberni valley. They are denying everyone access to Provincial and regional parks. This is having a very negative impact on the local economy . People travel from all over to come and fish,hunt, hike and camp in all the area surrounding Port Alberni .They need to  leave the gates open.(NOT lock people in or out) We have lost our access year round too so much beautiful  recreational land its become ludicrous. Our MLA (Scott Fraser) is fighting for us on this issue,so lets help him. If you feel that the public should have access to the forest lands surrounding the Alberni valley, then please sign this petition. Mr. Fraser will be presenting this petition to the Legislature soon. So if you haven't signed now's your chance and make sure to forward to all your friends . Thank you to everyone for your support .