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As some of you may or may not know, Johnny Bond ('Bondy') is lead guitarist of U.K rock band Catfish and The Bottlemen. The group's origins are in Llanananananadudebro, Wales, Bondy being the token Newcastle lad. The group have put out two record smashing, wig snatching, incredible LP's to date, The Balcony in 2014 and The Ride in 2016, respectively. Their fans wait daily for the announcement of the third album, in fact, many have gone so far as to make pointless online petitions as they have nothing better to do with their time while waiting for new music, apparently.

I am writing today to encourage Mr. Bond to bring something back from the dead. As shown in this attached picture, he already has a remarkable resemblance to Jesus Christ who managed to bring himself back from the dead, so I am rather confident in his skills by extension. More specifically, we (as in avid fans and supporters of him) are encouraging him to bring back a shirt. The Shirt™. Red velvet- not like the pastry, no, but its colour and material. We were graced with several photographs of Bondy donning this garment and it changed many people's lives. The red, so becoming to his features, had us (as the kids say) 'SHOOK.' For a group of people who so often wore more monochromatic tones and shades, we had not expected to see such a colourful and exciting shirt. A lovely shirt on a truly beautiful man. We were overjoyed, and showered Bondy with compliments, on top of our continued love and support of him and his talent (virtually unmatched by anyone, I might add).

However, sadly, we have not seen it worn in many months. Crowds are clamoring for the return of the red shirt. Many iconic moments for Catfish and The Bottlemen fans occurred while Bondy was wearing The Shirt™, most notably the videos and photos of the wonderful friendship between bassist Benji Blakeway and himself that were taken while the pair kindly greeted fans. Now, I'm not going to sit here behind a computer screen and come up with ridiculous names to dub the 'bromance' like is done with manufactured boy bands, but I'm just saying, 'Bondji' and/or 'Bondway' thrived in the presence of the red shirt.

We hope we do not ask too much of Mr. Bond or of any of their representatives with this petition. We urge those familiar with Mr. Bond, such as Van McCann, Bob Hall, Benji Blakeway, and Larry Lau to encourage him to dig through his closet once more for the piece of legendary clothing. Who knows, one day it may very well be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with Mr McCann's (yet-to-be purchased?) refrigerator. 

Thank you for your time.


**Also the embedded video was taken in Argentina! Here is another one that I love, Van calling out to him in the sea of people is an Academy Award Winning moment in itself. OIOI! 1:37 to the end in this collection of clips is adorable since Bondy's doing the classic 'I'm drunk and I love everyone' speech (I pass no judgement I'm exactly the same after, like, only 1 vodka on the rocks, it's quite embarrassing actually.) He clearly appreciates the fans so much and we truly love and respect him! As you can tell the red shirt is displayed in all of its glory in the aforementioned clips, and the lighting isn't too bad. As I said, I believe Mr. Bond was, como se dice- really drunk, so depending on how you see it these are not some of his best moments, or in fact some of one of his best. I choose to think the latter. Keep on rockin and rollin Bondy, we love you.

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