Tell Island Health, BC - "No MAiD - No Contract!"

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This is a petition to Island Health demanding that any long-term residential care contracts for new beds and/or care facility redevelopment in the Comox Valley are awarded only to suppliers who permit Medical Assistance in Dying on site.  Providers refusing to allow MAiD should not qualify for any new contracts or agreements with the health authority. 

On March 9 2018, Island Health issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for 120 new complex care beds for the Comox Valley -- faith-based suppliers who refuse to allow MAiD on-site will be allowed to bid.   This would permit the Roman Catholic Views organization to submit a proposal that, if successful, would supply public funding to rebuild its existing aging residential care facility as well as increase its already dominant share of our residential care beds.  

Publicly funded health care contracts should only be awarded to suppliers who are fully supportive of contemporary Canadian policies such as MAiD. 


Assisted dying has been legal in Canada since June 2016 with 85 per cent of Canadians supporting physician assisted death.  More than 3.5% of all deaths on Vancouver Island are through MAiD. 

116 of the 384 publicly funded long-term care beds in the Comox Valley are located in a faith- based facility, the Views.  The Views absolutely prohibits Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) anywhere on its property and forces the dying, sick and frail to transfer from their care home to be assessed for or provided MAiD – this is cruel and unjust.   

The Views policy violates residents’ Section 7 and Section 15 Charter Rights, their constitutional rights under Bill C-14, the protections of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, the BC Medicare Protection Act and the Canadian Health Act.  Furthermore, Canadian law does not recognize institutional conscientious objection -- bricks and mortar have no conscience. 

In September 2017, a petition with close to 3000 signatures was submitted to Island Health and the Minister of Health specifically requesting that all new publicly funded residential long-term care beds for our community should be in facilities that fully support Medical Assistance in Dying -- our Health Authority needs to be reminded.

Visit the Equal Access Comox Valley website for more information