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Stop The Derogatory Racist Jokes and Comments Against The People of Micronesia.

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At approximate 7:15 am this morning (23 May 2014) on Island 98.5 radio show "Wake Up Crew," boy was I in for a rude awakening.  The disc jockey's of this program told one of the worst racist jokes that I have ever heard against the people of Micronesia.  This was not the first racist joke against Micronesian's, but it is by far the worst.  Here is their attempt to be funny by telling this UNfunny joke.  

"Why aren't there many beautiful Micronesians?  Because babies with birth defects are usually terminated before birth." 

And they laughed heartily at their sick and twisted joke.

It is quite clear that these DJs are ignorant of the fact of why the people of Micronesia are here in the first place.  It would do them wonders to educate themselves before spewing such utter rubbish on the airwaves.  Is this really the apex of their intelligence?  The insensitive racist jokes against Micronesian's must cease IMMEDIATELY!  

I call on the program director of this radio station, Jaime Hyatt to take immediate disciplinary action against the DJs of this morningʻs "Wake Up Crew" who promote this vile garbage to stop these Micronesian racist jokes IMMEDIATELY, and that a formal apology, in writing and on the airwaves be forthcoming.  There is no room for such guile in a civilised society.  Your DJs ought to be a shamed of themselves.  This is very disgraceful for Hawaiʻi.  These DJs are constantly telling racist jokes about the Micronesian community, and it must stop.  We are taking our petition to your sponsors, and so, I hope Jaime Hyatt, you will do the right thing and pull this show off the air and have that formal apology issued both in writing and on the air.  

Please view the attached video to help educate yourselves. 

#samecanoe #moananuiconnections #boycottisland98.5 

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