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Suspend CIC Associate Director

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The community of Cypress associated with the Cypress Islamic Center would like to put forward a petition to suspend Shahab Alam from his Associate Director position with immediate effect. This petition is introduced and signed by the respected members of the community in the light of Shahab’s highly irresponsible behavior that has resulted in damage to CIC property, his complete disregard of community wishes, and his continued activities that have been detrimental to the community’s unity and well being. 

The following serves as the basis of this petition,

 1)   Earlier during the month of Ramadan, Shahab was strongly advised by the elected council to replace the roof of the CIC building. Quotes were obtained for the repairs and the council approved the funding. Shabab ignored the advice and unnecessarily put the repairs on hold. During the hurricane Harvey the water leaked through the roof and caused damage to the building.

 2)   In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, Shahab was again contacted by the fellow community members and elected council who pleaded him to take immediate action to start repairs of the CIC building after it got affected by water leaks. He ignored the recommendations and his sheer negligence resulted in mold to grow in the masjid at accelerated pace and rendered the building unusable. This is criminal negligence on AD’s part, that has caused permanent damage to ISGHs’ property. CIC community currently had to suspend salah inside the masjid and is forced to pray outside in the open.

 3)   Shahab sent an unprovoked message to the community on September 18th, 2017 using both Facebook and community emails accusing some of the members of community and the elected council of working against the construction of the new masjid. This absurd message caused mental distress to the community members and has negatively affected the community.

 4)   Shahab has continued to disrupt Sunday school operations by unnecessary intervening in their matters and by stopping disbursement of their funds. Some of the volunteers of the school have not been reimbursed for their expenses for the last few months.

 5) No positive programs have taken place in the masjid, such as family nights, for almost the whole year.

The community members and elected council are requesting ISGH Shura to take action against Shahab Alam and order his immediate suspension from AD's position to save the CIC building and community members from any further loss.

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