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Hold ISGH Shura Accountable for Ousting BIBI KHAN

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This petition is seeking out accountability, transparency, an apology for false allegations, and an honorable reinstatement with due dignity from the ISGH Shura who ousted Bibi Khan from the social services and zakat Committees of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Bibi Khan is a pillar of our community and helps bring support & relief to so many. The last thing we need is to bring more negative attention towards our Muslim based organizations. It is critical that we protect our upstanding citizens and set an example for our future generations. Sr. Bibi's vision was to bring greater positive impact to the community as she worked together with ISGH.

At the last ISGH Shura meeting on October 18th, 5 Shura members took an unacceptable  vote to remove Sr. Bibi, which was not on the agenda and took the remaining 4 on the Shura by surprise. They were questioned as to why they were doing this, however they had no valid response.

This must not happen to anyone. As we live in this country and abide by its rules, the due process and protocol should be followed. There were many ways to handle this with wisdom and justice, but none were introduced or followed before the voting took place.  

We the members and Muslim constituents of ISGH and the people of the greater Houston area Request the following:

1. Transparency & Accountability reviewed by a 3rd party, independent internal auditor, for why she was ousted for the manner in which she was removed.
2. An understanding of what steps were followed to align the issue with the set rules and guidelines leading up to the removal.
3. Why this issue was not made known to the board prior to the meeting.
4. A formal written and verbal apology to Sr. Bibi Khan & the entire Houston Muslim community for the attempt to divide us.
5. To offer Sr. Bibi Khan the OPTION to be honorably reinstated as OUR Social Services and North Zone Zakat committee Chair or resign her position at her own free will.  If she chooses the latter, then she should be on the committee to assign and train a new committee chair.

Please support this cause for JUSTICE and sign this petition that will show the ISGH Shura how united we truly are!


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