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Demand an End to the Draconian Blasphemy law of Pakistan, Now!

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We, the moderate Muslims of the world, are extremely distressed to learn about the recent crackdown on the rationalist, critical thinkers by the Government of Pakistan. Of several bloggers who were arrested, are Rana Nauman and Abdul Waheed, who are being investigated under the draconian Blasphemy Law, of Pakistan Penal Code, which prescribes life imprisonment or death penalty for uttering words that insult the Prophet. We strongly condemn the hounding of atheist, agnostic, non-Muslim and others bloggers because-

1) We may or may not agree with the views that Ayaz Nizami put forth, however we believe that having an opinion and propagating it without being violent should not be a crime in any part of the world.

2) Blasphemy Law reiterates the far right position wherein Muslims are accused of supporting liberalism and Civil rights in countries where they are in a minority, and unleashing majoritarian tyranny in those where they form the bulk of the population. Blasphemy Law is absolutely cruel and unjust to the minority population living in Pakistan, adding to the worldwide popular perception of the country as extremely intolerant and harboring hateful ideologies.

3) Blasphemy Laws are used to silence dissent, secular voices and political opposition. As we have seen, of the 17 bloggers arrested, they wasn't considerable evidence for 14 of them and were allowed to go free by the High Court. Evidence seems to be lacking against the three accused bloggers as well and it is quite possible that aggressively hounding them seems to stem from the concern to appease a certain section of Pakistani Population.

4) We believe, that Allah does not need our protection. Whatever is uttered or said against Allah or the Prophet, will be dealt by the creator on the day of Judgment.

Therefore we demand-

A. Immediate release of Abdul Waheed and Rana Nauman.

B. Repeal of the draconian Blasphemy Law of Pakistan Penal Code

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