End concentration camps in China that detain Uighur muslims

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In China Muslims are being taken to concentration camps and being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol which is prohibited in Islam, they are being tortured, like being skinned alive, having their eyes and lips sewn together and much more, but somehow no one cares, this is another holocaust but no one is realising that, China was hiding all of this but a video of the camps got leaked but still no action is being taken against this. When 2 or 3 people die in western countries it's big news but literally millions of Uighur Muslims are being held In those camps. Unmarried Muslim women are forced to marry Chinese han men and married women are forced to sleep with them, men are also forced to sleep with other women. China is separating kids from their parents and forcing them to change religions and also doing the same to the parents or else they will be killed in horrific ways. Everything that is going on in China is absolutely inhumane, an ethnicity is literally being cleansed off the face of the earth but once again no one cares. Please rid you have a heart sign this petition and help out.