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Leveling the playing field for Section 8 and ALL other subsidized housing recipients

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"There are conditions unique to Section 8 recipients which make it unfair to apply the standard tenant selection criteria because it may automatically disqualify the majority of that tenant population."

A new paradigm and standard must be adopted by real estate professionals and Landlords considering renting to subsidized housing recipients which levels the playing field. Indirect and overt discrimination against subsidized housing recipients is inherent in the traditional tenant selection criteria.

Because of this, many real estate professionals and Landlords miss the mark and miss out on the opportunity to obtain an upstanding tenant at or above fair market rents.

The tenant suffers, the real estate professionals and Landlords suffer and the city suffers as a whole because its initiatives to curtail the homelessness crisis may never come to fruition until something is done. 



PUSSH Scores - Preapproved Underwritten Standard for Subsidized Housing Recipients which is a simple algorithm that scores subsidized housing recipients based on their responses to uniquely crafted prescreening questions with scores ranging from 300 to 850 similar to Beacon scores. At the same time, it allows real estate professionals and Landlords to steer clear of fair housing violations.

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