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Prevent Violent Abusers from Serving as ISGH Leaders

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At the ISGH Board meeting on August 16, 2017, Br. Mohammad Ali introduced the following resolution to amend the ISGH bylaws:

No person who, at any time while a Muslim, has been convicted of or who has pled guilty or no contest to a charge of committing any state or federal felony offense or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or abuse shall be nominated, elected, or appointed to serve, or continue to serve, in any elected position of ISGH. If a vacancy occurs due to a person's disqualification under this section, the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article VII, Section 7.

We regret to inform you, the community, that ISGH Shura voted the resolution down 5 to 4.

The following four Board members voted FOR the resolution:
Br. M. J. Khan, President
Br. Mohammed Ali, Director Southeast zone
Br. Shaizad Chatriwala, Director South Zone
Br. Nusrat Mir, Director Northwest Zone

The following five Board members voted AGAINST the resolution:

Br. Mohammed Amin Moolla – Vice President -
Br. Fayez Ghwari – Treasurer -
Br. Ayman Khalil – General Secretary -
Br. Faizan Atiq – Southwest Zone Director -
Br. Roger Yelton – North Zone Director -

Because six votes were needed to send the resolution to the Joint Board/Council meeting in September for adoption, the resolution failed.

This resolution would have expanded a provision in the current bylaws that prevents certain individuals with felony records from serving on the ISGH Board. This is needed because domestic violence is not always a felony, however, our families must be ensured that such individuals are not involved in making policies and decisions for the Muslim community.

It’s highly unfortunate that we have had incidents where elected Council Members continuously block attempts to have khutbas or seminars on domestic violence only to find out later many of those same elected Council members are guilty of such behavior.

It is greatly appreciated that Br. Muhammed Ali put forth this resolution on behalf of the community, and we thank Brs. MJ Khan, Shaizad Chatriwala, and Nusrat Mir for supporting this resolution.

We request you all to reach out to the five directors of ISGH that voted against this resolution and ask them to reconsider their position and vote for the resolution when it comes up again. There are no women on the ISGH Board to remind the men how important this issue is to our community and to our families. These directors were elected by your vote and they have an obligation to listen to the wishes of the families in their community. An informed and engaged community is more likely to elect leaders who are responsive to its needs and reject those who are tone deaf by voting them out of office.

Please join us in making a change and sign this petition calling on the ISGH Shura Board to put forward this resolution for vote again.

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