Keep Central Elementary School Open

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ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS NEED YOUR HELP! The School District is voting in March to close some of the elementary schools in our town. They do not have it listed specifically on the agenda to hide the fact that they want to close the schools permanently and bus these kids to other schools. It is under Organizing and Altering District Facilities. We need you to write and call the city council, the school board, the district, the superintendent. Help us save our schools!!

Central Elementary is one of those schools on the chopping block. Our class sizes are already about 20-25 students per class. If you are closing multiple elementary schools that already have these class sizes what is it going to do for the learning environment for the new school? A lot of these students live in the neighborhoods near their school. Within walking distance of their homes. It makes it easier for families to get kids to school, participate in family school events and for the kids to participate in programs like the Boys and Girls Club that is also within walking distance of the Elementary school. Some of these students get themselves up and ready for school and to school on their own! Central Elementary School services Village of Hope, Oshki, People's Church and other shelters. Most our families come from lower incomes and do not have transportation. Kids would not be able to get to other schools if Central is closed. For field trips to the Science Center, The Library, the Art Gallery, for any of our wonderful educational opportunities for children downtown a bus is not required, the kids can walk and love doing so!! Closing our elementary schools is not the right choice to make! Class sizes will increase, larger classes with less resources makes it harder on the teachers, not to mention all those lost jobs! The increase in bussing the students to other school and to afterschool activities will be an added expense and hardship on students and the school district. There has to be a better solution for the financial issues facing the district than to close our elementary schools.