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Vote for ** Plan C-3 ** Middle School Boundary change (ISD 833, 2017)

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Where are we today?

The school board analyzed several plans brought forth by the school district administration. The administration was asked to consider the community feedback and work it into one or more of the proposed plans. After the board meeting on August 3rd, two plans are left for the final consideration and vote by the board members:

  • Plan C
  • Plan C-3

Breaking down Plan C

While it may seem that there are little differences between Plan C and C-3, the nuances within Plan C present significant impacts to the school district’s financial future and the necessity for continuous boundary changes in the near future. Below outlines two primary concerns with Plan C:

  1. Plan C underutilizes space in existing schools, and forces a costly and unnecessary addition to the new Oltman Middle School within 4 years, with projected costs of $15-20 million dollars. The funding for this expansion will be funded by all ISD 833 taxpayers via an upcoming lease levy (which does not require voter approval). It guarantees that we, the taxpayers, will write a $15M check for another costly Middle school expansion by 2021.
  2. Plan C focuses on only the first 3 years. The boundary change is intended to "last for 6-10 years" (as per the Guiding Change Document) to alleviate constant shifting of boundary lines and children moving schools. Plan C will require another round of boundary changes in 4 years.

Say YES for Plan C-3

We, the residents of ISD 833, appeal to your fiscal as well as social conscience.

Plan C-3 is the better choice because:

  • Plan C-3 is financially responsible as it fully utilizes existing building space and won't force costly expansion. It promotes responsible use of resources and helps reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxpayer dollar expenditures. Those dollars are better spent on the children of ISD 833 and NOT brick & mortar!
  • Plan C-3 allows a greater number of *existing* neighborhood students to go to the school with safe trails for walkers/bikers and to where bus routes are short & cost-effective.
  • Plan C-3 is durable to last for 6-10 years. It spreads out enrollment across all four Middle schools over 6-10 years span.

Today you, as our elected representatives, have power to make this decision. We urge you to consider all facts and implications for the district and its children. Please vote for Plan C-3.


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