Support The Safety of Eagan High School Students

Support The Safety of Eagan High School Students

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Abigia Ayana started this petition to ISD 196 and

Eagan High School (Eagan,Minnesota) has been a terrible place for minorities. The faculty and administration have done nothing to help, rather contribute to the trauma. For years, students, who are not white, have left there with scars that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Students are tired of going to a school that refuses to put an effort to make a change, and rather, hide the fact to cover up their misdeeds. Now, a group of us who endured this inappropriate behavior are trying to change it for the better. We have written a list of demands that will make future generations feel safer. The list of demands are:

1.Fire Dr. Polly Reikowski (the principal ) and her administration
 -We demand public apologies for the mistreat of students and the mishandling of cases.
 -We demand ISD 196 commit to replacing this administration with COMMUNITY APPROVED administrators.

2.Change disciplinary action
 -Fire SRO Boekhoff and divest in SROs for foreseeable future
 -Produce SRO incident history and statistics from the past 10 years for the public
 -Redistribute funds and wages to students social justice groups and funding the futures of students of color
 -Abolish ISS system and replace with problem solving strategies

3.Replace all predatory, racist, ableist, and abusive staff
 -Commit to replace these teachers with qualified teachers of color
 -Commit to hiring 2+ counselors of color
 -Change reporting system to prioritize transparency, independent investigation, and making community aware of dangers faculty
 -Hire guest speakers and companies of color

4.Update faculty hiring and training
 -Hire Black womxn diversity educators for staff and students
 -Require both diversity training and sensitivity training to be done on a consistent basis
 -Require faculty to sign contractual commitment to training
 -Officially make using slurs towards students a firable offense
 -End the culture of using free emotional, mental, and physical labor from marginalized students
 -Create a staffed position for students to report faculty behavior

5.Complete curriculum overhaul
 -Show public school student rights at the beginning of the year
 -Literature about marginalized groups need to be written by said marginalized authors
 -Fund and require intersectional electives such as Adelante and Women’s History
 -Require accurate history and information; punish the spread of misinformation
 -Remove traumatic media from curriculum
 -Integrate current events into curriculum
 -Redo curriculum of health classes: Issues and Wellness, Sexual Education, Teen Stress Management, and Self Defense
 -Create a permanent AVID position to be filled by faculty of color
 -Require STEM teachers to integrate POC contributions into curriculum
 -Require STEM teachers to practice advocacy in classrooms
 -Create a tutoring group for students of color to be led by a faculty of color
 -Acknowledge current events, celebrations, and achievements of communities of color at pepfests


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!