Tell the ISD 191 School Board Burnsville YIG is here to stay!

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Burnsville Youth in Government has been a huge part of ISD 191. Each year, we bring over 125 students to Model United Nations and Model Assembly. Currently, the school board is looking to cut all of the teacher stipends associated with this program. With this, Burnsville Youth in Government would no longer be operating out of schools and would solely be operating out of the YMCA. This is a problem because, this program relies on the help of the teachers who are getting paid to help make this conference a success.

Here are what the stipends look like that will be cut:

  • One teacher stipend cut at Nicollet Middle School
  • One teacher stipend cut at Metcalf Middle School
  • One teacher stipend cut at Eagle Ridge Middle School
  • One teacher stipend cut at Burnsville High School (two teachers share this stipend)

Burnsville Youth in Government's solution is to keep the high school stipend, and have the middle school Youth in Government programs work with the Burnsville Youth Collaborative, an after school program open to ALL ISD 191 middle school students with a location at each middle school. Working with the Burnsville Youth Collaborative is something Burnsville YIG already does and wishes to continue because it is funded through ISD 191 Community Education. BYC Staff works with students and attends the conference as well. While this solution is not ideal, this solution cuts 75% of the costs. We hope you will join in the movement to demand that the ISD 191 Board of Education not cut the stipend of our amazing, supportive, teachers who help make the Burnsville Youth in Government delegation possible.

Youth in Government is an organization that teaches our students valuable lessons that cannot be learned inside a classroom. Burnsville Youth in Government feels that it is an asset to ISD 191 and does nothing but enhance our schools. This is done through: 

  • Meeting the mission statement, “Each Student. Future Ready. Community Strong.”
  • Meeting the core values of; setting expectations for oneself, respecting others, integrity, and encouraging students of Burnsville YIG to engage in relationships and actions that empower learning for ALL
  • Meets the strategic directions of the district through; closing gaps and raising achievement for all, increasing the capacity for partnership within the community, because Youth in Government is affiliated with the YMCA, and students involved learn about cultural proficiency through debate on difficult issues.

While Burnsville Youth in Government, is not the only activity on the docket to be cut, we hope that through this you urge the ISD 191 School Board to show transparency to ALL taxpayers, community members, families, and students through a detailed release of the full list of activities/programs to be cut.