Terminate ISD #181 Educator Kara Hall for Racist Commentary

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Kara Hall, Forestview Middle School teacher, has posted racist commentary on Facebook that has caused harm to members of our community. Ms. Hall’s racist rhetoric included public commentary qualifying black people as “creepy,” “scary,” “awful,” “destructive,” and “violent.” This is clearly unethical and racist, no matter the context.

Sign this petition to advocate for:

1. Removing Kara Hall from her position and to ensure that the ISD 181 Handbook is clear and transparent in its code of conduct that racist rhetoric by educators is not tolerated. 

2. Direct protections against discrimination that result in a fitting punishment, such as employee termination, written clearly and irrevocably into the ISD 181 employee handbook, and that this handbook be made publicly transparent.

3.We also ask that there be transparent representation through a democratically elected oversight board for internal and external reports of racial discrimination by ISD 181 employees, or any other form of illegal discrimination as outlined in the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Racism is a structural and systemic issue, thus there needs to be structural change to prevent actions like these from being tolerated. It is an ethical imperative of a community to hold educators to the highest standard when they are primary influences in the lives of our children. We must hold a higher standard to our Minnesota educators than people who demean and hurt minority members of our community.