Precautionary petition to prevent postponement of ISC/ICSE Board Exams

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The Corona virus outbreak in the country has lead to the postponement of various events which hold high importance at a national level, especially school examinations such as the remaining ongoing CBSE boards exams for class 10 and 12th and college entrance examinations such as JEE. Such exams have millions of aspirants all over the country who have been putting in days of preparation and hard work, eagerly awaiting the end of this tough and tiring phase of their lives.

It is agreeable that the government has not taken a wrong step in the postponement of such exam dates until the 31st of March 2020, rather a necessary one since the COVID-19 has been spreading like wildfire in major states and cities of the nation. 

But then again, until and unless it isn’t a situation of a total lockdown in the country, it is essential that events such as these examinations which hold high importance in the future of the county’s student population continue.

Since the government has already released official statements regarding the postponement of CBSE exams, it is better not to interfere and create more problems for the government while it combats the health hazard to our country rigorously. But what we can do is take measures to prevent something which has a possibility of happening, ie the postponement of the ISC and ICSE boards examinations for classes 12th and 10th. 

As a representative of many other ISC students, I urge you to sign this petition to prevent the postponement of the ISC/ICSE exams beforehand since students have been putting in tonnes of hard work into their preparations, already having taken a major chunk of the exams with only the last leg remaining. The 31st of March, ie the last date of the examinations is a moment we all have been waiting for ever since the release of the date sheet and not having the opportunity to seize it will only lower our will to work harder.