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Is your child safe in school ?

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My petition is related to the safety of kids in the school. Almost everyday we hear about one or more incidents in one of the schools. Very recently, I read about the unfortunate death of a 10 years old boy in G.D. Goenka school.

It always makes me think "Who is responsible?" Can we avoid all kinds of accidents in the school ? And everytime, I am 100% sure that all accidents are preventable if school authorities take the proper precautions. Everytime there is an accident, school authorities escape by saying "It was not due to their negligence". I, very sincerely, want to ask "Who's negligence is it then ?" Someone has to take the accountability and it should be the management of the school.

For the sake of reasoning, Let me ask you a very simple question: "What do you do when your child is using the stairs ? " OR "What do you do when you are walking with your child in the traffic ?" I am sure each one of you has one answer, i.e. "We hold the hand of our child". And why do we do this ? We all sense that it is not safe surrounding and we try to give protection to our child.

Now, Who is responsible for the surroundings in the school ? Without any doubt, the management of school. How many schools actually teach students to hold the hand rail and at the same time How many schools deploy life guards/observer/help at stairs, around wash rooms, at playground, at swimming pool to make sure that none of the kids fall into any fatal accident.

They don't do it because they don't feel responsible. For most of the schools, education is nothing but a business and a very nice excuse "It did not happen due to our negligence".

The moment a child enters the school, it becomes the responsibility of school to protect and safeguard the child but it seems like it is none of their business.

Time has come when each one of you should wake up, make this petition reach to every parent in India and make a request to our Honourable Supreme Court to make stringent laws for the safety of kids in school.

Most of the times, we think "Thank God it did not happen to me" but does this excuse actually make you sleep at night ? Does this excuse give you a surity that your child is safe in school? If No, then please sign this petitiion.

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