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Is there ENOUGH demand for me to start up a Tinnitus research business?

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Note: if you suffer from Tinnitus, as I do, please send this link to any other friends you have who have Tinnitus too. I need to show potential investors that there is a demand for Tinnitus research! Thank you.

Recent research shows that the cause of Tinnitus actually lies in many areas of the brain, more so than in the Cochlea where stereocilia are located.

I'm planning on starting up a business that will do research on Tinnitus. It would be called "The Rochester (Minnesota) Tinnitus Project." But it's up to you: do you want me to? If enough people sign the petition, I can show it to potential investment companies.

I don't think asking the NIH for federal grant money is the answer. Just look at the past: they don't give enough money for Tinnitus research. I can only assume that taxpayers aren't very interested in Tinnitus research.

But I think that potential investors think, "Ringing in the ears? That doesn't kill anyone. It's not a serious illness."

We know how wrong they are! It DOES kill: just go to Google and look at all of the suicides documented online. It IS a deadly disease!

And there is NO proven treatment to make Tinnitus less severe. I should know: I have severe Tinnitus. According to history, people have been suffering with this for thousands of years. Every country in the world has Tinnitus support groups: I don't see that they're able to do much to support people who are suffering from this illness. 

I'm going to do my part to try to get something achieved. So far, in my opinion, NOTHING HAS BEEN ACHIEVED by Tinnitus researchers. 

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