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Dear Sirs;
This online petition was established in an effort to attract the attention of the NATIONAL CIVIL HONORS and AWARDS system, and all other branches of our GOVERNMENT who are largely responsible for our ORDERS, DECORATIONS, and MEDALS. My way of this petition, I am TRUSTING, WHOLEHEARTEDLY that the COMMISSION may CONSIDER recognizing one of the most FUNDAMENTAL and INFLUENTIAL ARCHITECTS of Jamaican music -- the late, JOE HIGGS.  

With a musical career that had spanned over 40 years, from the 1950s,  unto the time of his passing in 1999, Joe Higgs, dubbed, Father/Godfather of Reggae, was a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Guitarist and, of course, the Teacher of Legends. He is credited to have been the MENTOR and CHOIRMASTER to a host of REGGAE GREATS, including, but not limited to, BOB MARLEY, PETER TOSH, BUNNY WAILER, JIMMY CLIFF, JUDY MOWATT, DERRICK HARRIOTT, and WAILING SOULS. It is said that he was the FIRST recording artist to emerge out of Trench Town, and, the FIRST Reggae Ambassador to America, when he won FIRST prize in the JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD COMPETITION, in the year, 1972.

Joe Higgs was a SELF-TAUGHT MUSICIAN, who, in fact, shared his musical talents with numerous music enthusiasts, who would flock his home on a daily basis, looking for ways to learn the craft from him. When the number of music enthusiasts outgrew his small verandah, Higgs decided to convert the back area of his 19 THIRD STREET, tenement yard, into a sort of unofficial MUSIC SCHOOL, where they would all gather for their daily doses of FREE MUSIC LESSONS, starting as early as 6 o'clock in the mornings, and going way past midnight! Needless to say, it was out of these RIGOROUS JAM SESSIONS, that Trench Town's FUTURE REGGAE GREATS were birthed!

As I examine the LIFE and LEGACY of JOE HIGGS, I've realized, that, the WORTH of a man should NOT always be MEASURED by how much he has ATTAINED... but should sometimes be DETERMINED by how much he GAVE!!! In the case of JOE HIGGS, it is that UNSELFISH DEED, by which HEARTS were TOUCHED,  LIVES were CHANGED, and FUTURES were NOT LOST but GAINED!!! 

If YOU believe, JOE HIGGS, who is known in our MUSICAL HISTORY as one of the of the FOUNDING FATHERS of REGGAE, truly DESERVES to be RECOGNIZED on this MAIN-STAGE, then, it is my humble REQUEST that you bestow the posthumous recognition of YOUR choice, upon this man of valor! Thank You, in advance.

Marcia Higgs-Rodriquez
(Daughter of Joe Higgs)


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