is a rapist

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I would like to apologize in advance that this will likely be full of typos. Though this is obviously not ideal, the fact that I have to write this in the first place causes me a lot of distress and I’d like to get it over with quickly.

My first interaction with was in class where he threatened to rape me. My second interaction with him was him tasing me, forcing me down, and shoving his hands in my pants while I bit him, yelled and tried to shove him off of me. Two of his friends were present. I asked one of them, “Aren’t you going to help me?” simply replied, “He knows if he does anything I’ll kick his ass.”

It took me about a year to work up the courage to report what did to me. My therapist implored me to, but I brushed it off. I told him that it didn’t matter and that I’d be okay. He didn’t doubt this, but offered me something that put things in perspective — How would I feel if he did this to my little sister instead? That, in conjunction with the fact that every time I would hear of him it was about him sexually harassing girls, pushed me to report him.

Since happened to be in my second hour, I was kicked out, tossed into credit recovery, and told to complete the online equivalent of the class. My teacher and I confronted the vice principal about how this made me feel. We were both just shrugged off multiple times. I frankly felt like I was being punished for being raped.

friend and I were interviewed forensically and our stories matched up. pleaded guilty. I was told I could write a victim statement for the hearing and attend it. Then, the day before the hearing, they informed me I couldn’t come anymore and that my letter wouldn’t be needed. The next day, they told me that they needed my letter again. My mom brought them my rough draft because I had not gotten the chance to type up a better version due to the miscommunication. Upon arrival, they asked if she wanted to stay for the hearing. She started bawling. She was very understandably frustrated with the handling situation. After everything, was only given probation.

I am beyond frustrated. has not only assaulted me, but so many other girls. The evidence is undeniable and still the justice system has done nothing. I truly don’t know what to do from here, so I’m starting this to make noise. Sometimes you can’t fix things on your own. All you can do is yell about things until someone listens and helps you fix it. 

If you or someone you know has been impacted negatively by and would like to join me in voicing your grievances, I would greatly appreciate it.