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Keep Tradition as part of Irvington's Identity

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As you may have heard, the Irvington School District website is being updated.  As result, the Board of Education and Superintendent believe that there should be a new logo used to represent our district.  Therefore, as stated in the Communication Initiative April Update from Dr. Harrison, our superintendent, a design firm was hired to create, “a cohesive, rationalized system – and Irvington style – for the website and other communications, such as stationary.”…”The consistency will allow us to create a recognizable identity that says “Irvington” to everyone who sees it.”

We agree with the idea that the website should be updated and have a cohesive design.  However, a significant number of community members disagree with the idea that we do not have a recognizable identity.  We feel our identity to our Irvington heritage has been overlooked with the design of this new logo.

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“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

Responsibilities of trusted governing bodies:
· Board committees are responsible for developing a communications
plan whereby the public is kept aware of the work of appointed
· Board committees are charged with ensuring that there is impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making.
· The Commissioner of Education and NYSSBA encourage school boards to allow citizens to speak on matters under consideration. This will provide an opportunity for
community members to have their concerns heard by the committee and thus
encourages active participation by district residents. Members of the public can make an important contribution and be a valuable source of information to committees.
· This includes an obligation to post notices and provide an opportunity for the public to attend.

Some communications from the district don't appear to be consistent with information provided at public meetings.

· The committee decision to substantially change the identity of Irvington was made without publicawareness.
· The scope of work the committee presented to the public focused on website functionality. Substantially changing the district’s identity and “creating a recognizable identity that says ‘Irvington’” throughbranding went well beyond the original scope of clarifying our image.
· Only similar crest options were provided to the focus group. No traditional icons of Irvington’s current identity were provided to the groups.
· Many focal group participants have come forward with feedback given to the committee which did not support the proposed branding as appropriate for Irvington. This information was not presented to the Board or the public. Only a couple supporting views from participants were presented at the Feburary
28th BOE meeting. The focus groups should be used to provide an impartial view of data findings which can be validated.
· The image was designed to be the primary identity of Irvington and other icons could be incorporated into the crest. Limited use on stationary was not discussed at any Board meeting. The Board did discuss the possibility of using it on spirit gear.

Board committees are responsible for making every effort to involve all members in the decision-making process, not just committee conclusions.

· There was no mention of website or image discussion on the October 18th agenda.
· A brief mention of "clarify the District's identity” were detailed in the minutes, but that is significantly different than substantially altering Irvington’s identity into a newly developed image to be used by the district.
· Neither the agenda nor the minutes provided enough information for stakeholders to understand the actual scope of work.
· There was no mention of the website or image on the agenda for the November 15th BOE meeting,
· There was no mention of logo/image/symbol in the minutes or at the meeting. The only mention was the formation of focus groups. Since there was no previous public communication beyond website functionality, the public could not have known there was any initiative beyond that scope and therefore could not have known about the substantial changes to the identity of Irvington.

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