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Judith Gass
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Stricklands Ice Cream To Close; Landlord Chooses Not To Renew Lease

Stricklands Ice Cream has been a staple of the Irvine community for 15 years. In January 2019, Stricklands will be closing its location in the Irvine Campus Plaza because The Irvine Company has decided to not renew its lease.

As owners Randy and Donna Nettles explain to the OC Weekly, "we are sad to report that we will be closing in January. Our landlord called a meeting with us to inform us that they will not be renewing our lease in early February, and that they were taking the center in a different direction. Another ice cream establishment, Saffron & Rose, will be moving into the space.” 

Irvine's Stricklands is the only location outside of Ohio, where the third generation family business is based. Stricklands ice cream is unique, affordable, and loved by all. Stricklands won OC Weekly's award for Best Ice Cream too many times to count. To take away Stricklands and replace it with another ice cream establishment is simply unnecessary. We, the Irvine community, hope to change the Irvine Company's decision to not renew Strickland's lease. #SaveStricklands