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Help Reinstate Jamie Fanning

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  On Friday October 27 Jamie Fanning was called into a meeting and fired from her position at Iroquois County Animal Control. She was not allowed to bring representatives or anything, she was being told to sign a contract to cut her down to 2 weeks a month instead of full time. She did not agree with what was written and did not sign. They then fired her saying there was issues with her job performance and when she questioned that, she was informed they did not have to give her a reason. This was not at a County Board Meeting where her dismissal should have been voted on and approved by all, just a meeting that most were not aware of, prior to this meeting she endured threats, accusations and intimidation.  Jamie was fired because she brought evidence to the county board against our Animal Control Director Dr. Hanny Youssef. She spoke with John Shure and Marvin Stitchnoth bringing forth evidence of neglect of county dogs in his care, expired vaccinations being used, double billing,illegal seizures of citizens dogs and several instances of Dr Youssef making false statements.
Jamie brought her concerns and actual paper evidence to the board members hoping for change within Animal Control. Nothing was ever done even with evidence shown. 
  Jamie has formed relationships with several rescues and other local animal Control directors and has successfully transferred all adoptable dogs to rescues for second chances. Jamie refused to let adoptable dogs be euthanized and because of this and the evidence brought against him Dr Hanny Youssef fired her. Jamie did most of this on her own time. Now these poor dogs will be put down instead of given a second chance they deserve.
We are asking for Dr Youssefs termination as our Iroquois County Animal Control Director and Jamie to be reinstated to help save the lost and abandoned dogs that need a second chance instead of being euthanized.

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