Remove Iron County Attorney Scott Garrett from Public Office

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“It is with great concern that we, the Iron County Law Enforcement Administrators, and members of the Iron/Garfield/Beaver Counties Task Force write you this letter. The myriad of circumstances, which have occurred over the past many months and years, have unfortunately left us with no other recourse. It is our collective belief that your ability to effectively, fairly, and appropriately administer the duties of the office of Iron County Attorney are impaired and potentially ineffective. It is our concern that you are unable to keep your personal feelings, prejudices, and animosities from impairing your judgement.”

This statement was written and signed collectively by all law enforcement officials within Iron County in reference to the Iron County Attorney, Scott Garrett.

Officials went on to cite various egregious actions taken by Scott Garrett through the years that they had personally experienced. In addition, they pointed to officer and citizen complaints they had received alleging the same.

Among these were:

  • Vindictive behavior from Garrett towards law enforcement with a display of hostility and retaliation;
  • A lack of trust and confidence in Garrett’s ability to review and prosecute cases without bias
  • Vindictive, retaliatory behavior and poor management;
  • The repeated attempts and threats to criminally charge local law enforcement officers and/or designate them as “Brady Cops;”
  • Possible violations of the Hatch Act by pressuring or influencing members of his staff to assist in his reelection efforts;
  • The very “concerning and questionable termination of Chief Deputy Iron County Attorney Troy Little,” which law enforcement alleged gave them the impression Garrett’s decision making is based on “animosities and politics rather than on principle.”

While law enforcement has since stated in the press that they met with Scott Garrett to resolve these issues and felt they are now able to “move forward,” we believe this follow-up statement falls short in light of the serious allegations they have cited. The actions alleged by law enforcement are far too egregious to believe that one meeting could resolve “years” of issues specifically, “vindictive and retaliatory behavior” that have continued to undermine law enforcement’s efforts and instill fear among Iron County residents.

Of even more concern, is that we believe the statement made by law enforcement to the press may have come from pressure by Scott Garrett to back down from him in fear of his alleged “vindictive and retaliatory behavior,” following their letter going public.

If this is the case, it is cause for alarm as it would mean that even law enforcement is afraid to stand up to Scott Garrett. This would not only leave Iron County residents vulnerable to Scott Garrett’s bullying tactics but continues to sanction what we believe has been a history of “vindictive and biased” prosecutions and civil rights violations among the accused.

It is also clear that if Scott Garrett is capable of vindictive and retaliatory behavior against law enforcement officials and his own deputy county attorneys, the citizens of Iron County remain in even more danger from his unchecked power and abuse.

In the past few months, it is evident in recent actions taken by Scott Garrett against employees, citizens and fellow elected leaders that his alleged vindictive behavior has only continued to rise to what is now an alarming and frightening level.

While we stand behind law enforcement and their attempts to make changes in the Iron County Attorney’s Office, we do not believe that their efforts will suffice in light of the years of abuse and corruption. Nor do we believe that these issues can be resolved with one or two meetings. While Scott Garrett has expressed to law enforcement his desire to make changes we do not believe he has any intention of doing so. Instead, we believe his ambition is politically motivated appeasing law enforcement and Iron County Citizens long enough to try to ensure his reelection.

Through the years, there have been several complaints filed in the Utah State Attorney General’s office with requests for investigations into Scott Garrett’s office on allegations of malfeasance. However, we do not believe these have ever been given serious consideration or received top priority. Considering the allegations put forward by law enforcement we believe another investigation is warranted and appropriate at this time and request that the state attorney general now take this issue serious.

In addition, we believe that a Grand Jury investigation is warranted and request that a panel be immediately convened for this purpose.

Finally, we demand Garrett’s resignation from office — effective immediately.


Iron County Residents

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