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Start your Ipon from your Baon. #IponingModeOn

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We save, basically, because we can’t predict the future. If we could, we would know precisely how much money we would need for the things that we want and need in the future. But because we can’t do this, the need to save money for the future is vital.

Here are some tips to save money;

  • Where does your money go? It is important to know where you are spending your money. This will allow you to develop better spending habits.
  • Make a budget. Estimate your monthly income and expenses.
  • Live like a student. The reality is that you're a student. So live like one—don't spend money you don't have yet. Though it may feel difficult, living like a student now will place you in a better financial situation when you graduate.
  • Don't abuse credit. Be responsible with credit cards. Only charge what you can truly afford to pay off each month and make sure it fits into your budget. If you are easily tempted to overuse, leave the credit card at home and take only the cash you can afford to spend.
  • Don’t make impulse purchases. 
  • Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  • Limit the number of times you eat out monthly.

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