Make Environmental news a part of the mainstream Irish Media

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Climate Change is the single most pressing issue our Human race is facing right now. Many parts of the world have been experiencing these changes for years. Now the western world is finally seeing these changes. 

Yet the Media outlets of the world, don't report on it quite enough. To find any of the great work done by Science and Environmental writers, we have to go searching. This should all be front page news. The good and the bad! 

A huge amount of journalism is consumed via digital platforms. None of which have a dedicated "Environmental" tab in the main navigation bar. You can find environmental sections with a little digging. But this is not enough for a topic that is lacking in communication. 

I am suggesting a very simple action - that these Media outlets, introduce an "Environmental" tab in the main Navigation bar. This small change would see a dramatic rise in the readership of the likes of Kevin O'Sullivan and Paul Melia. 

Communication is the missing link in this fight against dramatic Climate Change. Please sign this petition and encourage the media to play their part in reporting what is the most important issue we are facing right now.