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London, United Kingdom

Sep 19, 2013 — Dear Supporters,
thank you for your support. I have been reading your comments which express the revulsion at the plans of the Irish government to betray the trust of these thoroughbreds & their progeny.
I especially appreciate your public support in Ireland & worldwide, I wish you to know I have written many polite & concise letters to the Irish media, (TV, Press & Radio) & representatives of the Irish government & the EU. It seems the media & government in Ireland are afraid to speak out against the planned export because of the potential mass revenue, much more than from the aborted plans to export Irish greyhounds. The revenue generated could kick-start Ireland out of recession.
It is no supprise to me that I have never had a response to my letters to the Irish media & government. None have been published & it is apparent that in Ireland it is perfectly acceptable to make money from the suffering of animals & so much easier when the suffering is not on your doorstep. Shame.