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The reason why..?

London, United Kingdom

Jul 1, 2012 — We are protesting to protect all racehorses & animals. China in particular has NO animal welfare laws. Family pets are routinely skinned alive in front of their owners to feed the family. This is not to say that ALL Chinese people approve of this behaviour, they are scared even to populate or protest about their own basic human rights.
This is a society & country which our western governments, including Ireland, are forging desperate trade links with due to the raping our our own economies by the international banking system. If a country/government denies human rights, it is relative to & reflective in how they treat their animals. Please protest for intervention on behalf of Irish race horses & all animals & the Good people in China. WE have a crucial choice not to allow a return to almost medieval times where any life was expendable, lets not go backwards. Let us forge into a new Renaissance where we respect our world & learn from it's natural inhabitants.