Reunite long distance couple (Non EU) in a covid safe way

Reunite long distance couple (Non EU) in a covid safe way

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As a Non EU, we are deeply grateful for the international border closures that continue to keep Republic of Ireland safe during this pandemic. We understand the need for the ongoing border controls, but many of our lives are being severely impacted by these closures.

We are calling on the government to become more flexible with the conditions in being granted exemptions to this travel ban on coming in and out of Ireland. Many of us are in committed long-distance relationships, being considered non-direct family members, and being told “general tourism” won’t be allowed until the unforseeable future.

We do not consider ourselves as part of tourism as our visits are to spend time with our partners or to get married with our loved ones, and they are vital parts of our relationships. The mental health effects this is having on many of us is devastating as we are separated for an indefinite amount of time with no real answer as to when we can be reunited, and we are calling for more compassion as we believe the strict exemptions are now disproportionate to the situation. 

We are willing to do quarantine and take any Covid 19 test at our own expense. We are willing to do it in a safe way the Government recomend us to do.