Irish Motor Insurance Ripoff

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Irish Motor Insurance is a Ripoff. 

Irish Insurance Companies are also refusing to insure older “NCT passed” cars, putting intolerable stress on low income groups such as young people trying to get to work,  pensioners and families.


  • "Don’t Vote for “Fake TDs”
  • “Bring your Brains to the Polling Booths”

The Irish Central Bank should revoke the license of any Insurance Company that refuses an Irish citizen car insurance. We license these companies to operate in Ireland where they make handsome profits. That’s why we have a Central Bank / Regulator.

The Ripoff is due to "Fake TDs", who are supposed to represent the interests of citizens, BUT who passed ineffective (vested interest) laws and Central Bank ineptitude … 

You are obliged to bring your brains to the Polling Booths and drain the swamp of “Fake TDs” in the Irish Dail who are failing to represent you but instead represent their own interests, vested interests and lobby groups, on direction from party hierarchy under the “Whip System” in the Irish Dail.

  • 1993 3L diesel Mercedes (25 yrs old) insured in France for €185 per annum.
  • 2003 1.8L car €1,100 per annum in Ireland - obscene.
  • Note - the same Insurance Company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s why we need to get rid of “Fake TDs” and pass a proper law limiting insurance awards to realistic (community affordable, benchmarked) levels. This in no way will adversely impact on the independent and unique role WE bestow on the judiciary in assessing liability.

  • Don’t forget to “Bring your Brains to the Polling Booths”
  • Don’t Vote for “Fake TDs”
  • Refuse to be Abused.


Irish Insurance Companies who charge excessively and refuse insurance - see article here.

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